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Our Faculty is the academic home of researchers, teachers, and students of Mathematics and Computer Science. Its institutes and facilities are housed in the Mathematikon, pleasantly located on the Campus Neuenheimer Feld of Heidelberg University. Welcome!

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The Doctorate signifies a proven ability to conduct independent scientific research. Under the auspices of the Combined Faculty of Mathematics, Engineering and Natural Sciences, we confer the academic degree Dr. rer. nat. in the subjects of mathematics and computer science.

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Students interested in Mathematics, Computer Science, or an interdisciplinary field, pursuing a B.Sc., M.Sc., or M.Ed., and aiming for a career in research, teaching, or the private sector, will find here in Heidelberg a full range of first-class courses for a challenging and enriching educational experience in an intellectually stimulating environment with historical cachet.

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We seek to promote the interest in mathematics and computer science by organizing events for schools and for the broader public. Alumns and newcomers join in and contribute to shared knowledge and contacts.

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Mathematics and Computer Science — News

First Place Win at Student Cluster Competition

Heidelbears succeed in Onsite Competition, under supervision from the University Computing Centre.

Great success for the "Heidelbears": The team of Heidelberg students won first place at the ISC Student Cluster Competition in the in-person competition in Hamburg. They were supervised by experts from the University Computing Centre.

At the Student Cluster Competition, an annual international competition, students come together from all over the world to compete in the field of high performance computing (HPC). In the competition, the participants tackle various challenges in HPC. This was the fifth time in a row that a team of students from Heidelberg University qualified for the competition. This year's team was sponsored by the Gauss Centre for Supercomputing (GCS) e.V. and MEGWARE.

Prof. Dr. Vincent Heuveline, managing director of the URZ and CIO of Heidelberg University, congratulates the students: This is a terrific achievement for our team and our university - the ISC SCC is a tough competition with excellent international competitors. We are proud that our students performed so magnificently in this challenging field.

Dated: 2022-06-02, sig.: URZ
Last updated on Jun 9, 2022 at 6:39 AM