Deadline for Applications: 3/29/2024Student Assistants for Summer 2024

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science is looking for students with excellent relevant credentials to assist in teaching of courses, tutorials, exercise sessions, and labs from the undergraduate program, and especially for the following

Compulsory / Introductory Modules

  • Algebra II (Böckle)
  • Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen (Sadlo)
  • Analysis 2 (Scheichl)
  • Betriebssysteme und Netzwerke (Andrzejak)
  • Datenbanken 1 (Gertz)
  • Einführung in die Geometrie (Vogel)
  • Einführung in die Numerik (Kostina)
  • Einführung in die Theoretische Informatik (Joos)
  • Einführung in die Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie und Statistik (Fuhrmann)
  • Funktionentheorie I (Kasten)
  • Höhere Mathematik für Physiker II (Gurau)
  • Lineare Algebra 2 (Herzog)
  • Mathematik für Informatiker 2 (Schlindwein)

Application Process

First imperatively consult with the instructor of the course for which you would like to supervise a tutorial. Your application can only be considered upon request from the instructor. Then please fill in the online application form.

The hiring decision is made by the Managing Director. In case your application is approved, you will be informed by email. Other applicants are placed on a waiting list and might be contacted at a later date. After receipt of this email, ALL applicants please immediately hand in the form Antrag auf Einstellung/Weiterbeschäftigung einer geprüften/ungeprüften Wissenschaftlichen Hilfskraft with all required documents at the office for student assistant affairs (during office hours only). All forms and further information can be found on the homepage of the office for student assistant affairs.

Hiring Conditions

Hiwi contracts have a typical duration of 6 months (4/1/24 - 9/30/24) at a rate of 35h/month. One student assistant is responsible for two exercise sections.