P-adic Milnor K-theory, Syntomic Cohomology and Chow Groups

  • Date in the past
  • Wednesday, 4. October 2023, 10:00
  • Mathematikon, seminar room 10
    • Morten Lüders
  • Address

    Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
    Seminar room 10
    Im Neuenheimer Feld 205
    69120 Heidelberg

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In this talk, I will explain how Milnor K-theory, a recent version of syntomic cohomology due to Bhatt, Morrow and Scholze and Chow groups can be related through the Bloch-Kato and Gersten conjecture. I will focus on the mixed characteristic situation. I will also explain how these concepts appear in the study of Chow groups in families and state a recent conjecture in the case of rationally connected varieties. 

Finally, I will propose how the mentioned new definition of syntomic cohomology may be used to overcome difficulties in defining a 'syntomic homology theory with duality'.