FAQs Bachelor Computer Science 100%

Credit transfer

Please first read paragraph 7 of the examination regulations: "Crediting of study and examination achievements and degrees".

Achievements that you have completed at other universities can, in principle, be credited to achievements in your degree program. Important: credit can only be given for those achievements which can be proven to have been achieved and graded by means of an oral or written examination. Only in justifiable exceptional cases is an accreditation possible if you have not received a grade for the performance. Furthermore, achievements can only be credited if they correspond in type and scope to achievements required by us (ECTS specification). The procedure is now as follows:

  1. Create a list of those achievements that you consider to be creditable and wish to have accredited.
  2. Compare the type and scope of your achievements with those required by us and indicate in each case for which of our modules your achievements should be credited.
  3. Formulate the request for credit to the chair of the examination board. For this purpose, use only the corresponding form on the computer science website (to be found under "Important Forms")!
  4. Come to the Examination Office during opening hours and bring with you all those certificates of achievement for which credit is requested. (The original for checking and a copy as an attachment). To be on the safe side, you should also bring the module descriptions of those courses that you have attended for comparability of performance. In case of courses that are not directly from the field of Computer Science, it may be necessary to obtain information from the examination board of the other field.

Orientation examination

If the module Introduction to Practical Computer Science (IPI) is still not passed after the third semester, the deadline for taking the orientation exam has expired and paragraph 13 (3) of the examination regulations becomes effective: “... If the deadline is missed, the examinee loses the right to take the examination, unless he/she is not responsible for missing the deadline.” Since IPI is the introductory course to the study program, you should in any case ask yourself Computer Science is a suitable field of study for you. Therefore, please also consult sour student advisor, if necessary.