FAQs Bachelor Mathematics 100%

Which areas of application can I choose?

In principle, any math-related subject offered at Heidelberg University can be considered as an area of ​​application. The subjects astronomy, life sciences, chemistry, computational linguistics, computer science, philosophy, physics, psychology and economics are expressly approved. Details on which modules you have to take within your application area can be found in the module handbook for the Bachelor Mathematics 100%.

Who can supervise bachelor theses?

Any person who has been granted the right to examine mathematics by the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science can be considered as a supervisor of a bachelor thesis. This group includes all professors of the faculty as well as some lecturers on permanent positions - if in doubt, you can ask.

Can I write my bachelor thesis at another university or in a company?

It is not possible to write a bachelor thesis at another university. You can write your bachelor thesis in a company if the thesis is registered under a supervisor at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.

How do I register my bachelor thesis and what do I have to consider?

To do this, you have to submit the registration forms Anzeige der Bachelorarbeit and Erklärung zur Bachelorarbeit at the examination office. Your supervisor's signature is required on the first form. Basically: You can only register your Bachelor thesis in the Bachelor Mathematics 100% if you have already booked 120 CP.

What are the deadlines for my bachelor thesis?

The processing time for the bachelor thesis is 3 months. The registration and submission dates are shown on the notification form for the bachelor thesis and are binding.