FAQs Contact Persons at the Faculty

Academic advice, examination board, examination offices, deans of study, student council: Whom do I address with which questions?

  • The student advisory service will mainly provide you with information. Topics are all questions about your programme, such as questions about the examination regulations, the module handbook or the processes at the faculty. In this context, the student advisory service also issues the necessary certificates. In addition, the student advisory service also serves as the first point of contact for general problems during your studies, for example if you have doubts about your studies or in the event of personal emergencies.
  • The examination board is responsible for the recognition of study achievements and also decides on the approval of deadline extensions. You contact them through the respective secretariat of the examination office.
  • Your achievements are administered in the examination office. You can ask all questions about incorrectly or differently booked credits there. This also applies to achievements to be recognized from other programs or from abroad, whereby these decisions are made by the respective examination board. You will also receive your transcript of records here. In addition, final theses are registered and submitted in the examination office, and final certificates are issued. The examination office operates separate secretariats for the subjects Mathematics and Scientific Computing on the one hand and Computer Science on the other.
  • The deans of study are responsible for study planning, that is for ensuring that all types of courses are offered in sufficient quantities and that standard courses of our faculty offered in the same semester do not overlap. They are also the point of contact for serious problems in topics of teaching, such as serious complaints about lecturers.
  • The student council is not an official body of the faculty, so you cannot receive any binding information here. On the other hand, this unofficial character together with the student perspective often enables a valuable addition to the knowledge of the faculty and the university. Since the student council represents the interests of the students in the faculty, they are also a good point of contact for problems with lecturers or current study planning. Furthermore the student council offers services such as script printing or collections of exam questions.

Who is the contact person for my programme and how do I contact them?

If you have general questions about your programme, it is best to contact the academic advisory service - but please also read the answer to the previous question. The best way to get information about current courses is directly from the respective lecturer.

Which examination board resp. examination office is responsible for me and how do I contact them?

  • If you are studying in one of the programs Bachelor Mathematics 100%Bachelor Mathematics 50%, or Master Mathematics, the Mathematics Examination Board and the Examination Office Mathematics are responsible for you.
  • If you are studying in one of the programs Bachelor Computer Science 100%, Bachelor Computer Science 50%, or Master Data and Computer Science, the Computer Science Examination Board and the Examination Office Computer Science are responsible for you.
  • If your program is the Master of Scientific Computing, the Scientific Computing Examination Board and the Examination Office Mathematics are responsible for you.
  • If your program is the Master of Education, there is a central examination office for you at the HSE. However, the Examination Office Mathematics resp. Computer Science is responsible for the processing of services in your specific subject.

You can find the contact details of the secretariat of the examination office responsible for you on their web page, or you can contact them by email using the general contact form (envelope on the right). Please contact your examination board through the secratariat of the examination office responsible for you.