FAQs Master of Education

What does the deficiency subject regulation in computer science and physics mean for admission to the Master of Education program?

The state of Baden-Württemberg is currently looking for more teachers in the subjects of computer science and physics. In order to simplify the transition to the teaching profession, it is currently possible to be admitted to the Master of Education with a purely subject-related Bachelor's degree in computer science or physics. For students who take this route, however, this means that they have to make up for the missed study of a second subject (in this case often mathematics) and educational sciences to the extent of the Bachelor's degree 50% with a teaching option.

In which subject do I write my master thesis?

You can write your master's thesis in one of your two subjects or in education.

Is it possible to write a master's thesis with a topic in didactics?

Yes and no: The first supervision of a Master's thesis in the Master of Education can only be done by a member of our faculty; consequently, the topic has a subject-specific focus. However, a part of the thesis can also contain didactic aspects. If this is the case, the second supervision should be done in consultation with the first supervisor by an external person accredited by the faculty as authorized to conduct examinations - for example from the PH. Since this should not be at the expense of the professional quality of the thesis, careful and trusting coordination between all parties involved is necessary. Due to the increased effort - especially for the second supervisors who are not otherwise involved in final theses at the university - such interdisciplinary work is only possible as an exception.