FAQs Organization of Studies

When will the course catalog for the new semester be published?

  • Summer semester: between February and March,
  • Winter semester: between July and August 

How and when do I apply for proseminars and seminars?

To apply for a proseminar or a seminar, please contact the relevant lecturer. Usually, towards the end of the previous semester, there is a notice with a description of the content, contact details and an invitation to a preliminary meeting in which the lectures are presented and given to interested students.

Can I attend and account for lectures from other faculties?

To a certain extent, you can attend lectures that are not related to the subject and have them credited. Please ask the examination office for details.

What should I do if my events overlap?

With the large number of courses at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, overlaps cannot always be avoided. This is all the more true if courses from other faculties are also to be taken into account. In the case of large lectures, there is usually not much left to do and you have to decide on one lecture. In the case of smaller courses, it is worth trying to get the lecturer to give a new lecture date.