Faculty of Mathematics and Computer ScienceExcellence and Diversity

The faculty is committed to promoting excellent research and a diverse, openminded research community. In practice, this is achieved by supporting promising research approaches and encouraging cooperations, which may be national or international as well as intradisciplinary or interdisciplinary. Moreover, the faculty contributes to more internationalization and diversity in the field by providing exchange programs and a strong dedication to equality.


The Excellence Initiative of the German government (2005-2019) gave essential impulses and incentives for the establishment of new cooperations across mathematics as well as with other disciplines. This includes the Heidelberg Graduate School for Mathematical and Computational Methods for the Sciences, founded at IWR with essential participation of the faculty, and the Mathematics Center Heidelberg as a joint endeavor of pure and applied mathematics. The Cluster of Excellence STRUCTURES, awarded in 2019 the framework of the Excellence Strategy of German federal and state governments, is jointly supported by the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, and the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy.


The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science is an open community that attracts excellent students and scientists from around the world to Heidelberg. Over the past decade, the research and student body has diversified significantly. The faculty has one of the least leaky pipelines of the university, and has committed significant resources to providing equal opportunity to all. Several programs and individual course modules are now offered in English, a trend that is expected to continue as a consequence of European integration.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science has diverse contacts to scientific institutions all over the world, e.g. in France, the UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, India, Japan, Vietnam, and China. The close collaboration with the Mathematical Institute of the University of Prague has recently intensified and been extended to Warsaw and Paris in the framework of the 4EU+ Alliance. The international cooperation includes exchange programs for undergraduates, Master and doctoral students.