FAQs Examinations and Credits

Is registration for a module examination binding?

It is. In case of illness or other serious hindrances please contact your lecturer, best in advance of the examination.

If I am admitted to the exam, am I automatically registered for the exam?

That is different for different lecturers. Please ask your lecturer about the modalities.

What can I do if exam dates overlap?

Although we try to schedule the module examinations so that they do not overlap, we unfortunately do not always succeed. This applies in particular to the coordination with the examinations for the areas of application and second main subjects. If you are affected by such an overlap, please contact the respective lecturer in order to clarify the problem directly with them. A typical solution is that you only take one of the two exams and that your participation is confirmed by the lecturer. For the other course, this confirmation is then equivalent to a sick leave and you will be assigned an alternative date.

What do I do if I am ill at my exam? Does a simple notification of my doctor suffice?

For the first notification of illness, a notification from the doctor is generally sufficient, unless the lecturer expressly wishes to have the notification of illness different. The latter is then noted on the course homepage.

Can I keep my admission to a module examination for the next time the module in question is offered?

In Computer Science, the admission to a module examination stays valid for two semesters. In Mathematics, this is not possible in general. However, there is a goodwill rule according to which you can take the exam admission with you if the following three conditions hold:

  • the module in question is a compulsory module in your examination regulations,
  • you took part in the exam and did not pass it,
  • you take the next opportunity of an exam in this module.

If you want to make use of this rule when repeating the module, please contact the team for the relevant course early so that this can be taken into account.

Can I retake an exam that I have passed in order to improve?

No, this is expressly excluded in the examination regulations.

I failed an exam. What can I do now?

  • If you failed a module examination for the first time, you can repeat it at least once. To find out how many repetitions are possible for your module, please refer to your examination regulations.
  • If you have exhausted all permitted repetition options for a module and failed the examination, you have definitely failed this module. In the case of a compulsory module, you lose the right to be examined in your subject; in the case of an elective or elective module, you can replace the relevant module with an equivalent one.
  • Our bachelor's degree programmes require you to take an orientation test. If you have not passed this at the end of your third semester, you will lose the right to be examined in your subject.

Where can I get a transcript of records?

You can get a transcript of records by e-mail request to the responsible secretariat of the examination office.

Which modules appear in the transcript of records? Which in the certificate?

All modules that are completed in the course appear in the transcript of records. Only the modules that are necessary for the respective degree appear in the certificate.

Can I see my grades online?

You can see your grades via the LSF of the university in the Notenspiegel (transcript of records) under the tab Prüfungsverwaltung (examination administration).

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