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What should I do if I attend other courses abroad than those agreed upon in the Learning Agreement of my Erasmus studies?

In order to attend courses abroad that are not specified in the Learning Agreement, the student must first obtain the approval of the relevant course coordinator by e-mail. In the next step, he/she must contact the examination office and ask whether an accreditation is possible. Additionally, the approval of the coordinator on site is required. Without this, a change of courses is not possible. The changes must be registered in the Learning Agreement form (received from the Erasmus Office after acceptance for the grant) so that it is complete and correct.

How many credit points do I get for modules? How are grades converted into the German system?

If the credit points at the foreign university are already specified in ECTS, these can be adopted. Otherwise, the credit points are determined in individual cases on the basis of the SWS studied. For the grades, there are university-internal conversion tables for each foreign university.

How do I receive credit points from abroad in Heidelberg?

You submit your transcript from the foreign university to our examination office; this can also be done by e-mail.

Does there have to be an equivalent module in Heidelberg so that I can have an achievement from abroad credited?

Of course, it helps if there is an equivalent module in Heidelberg. However, it is also possible to have other examination results recognized in consultation with the examination board of your degree program.

Can I receive ECTS for language courses?

Yes, language courses can be accredited. Please check with your Erasmus coordinator.