Erasmus Outgoing

The Erasmus mobility program of the European Union promotes cooperation between universities within the EU and other European countries.

This page contains information for Heidelberg University students who are interested in a semester abroad in the framework of the Erasmus program.

Presentation Slides and Experience Reports

from the information meeting on studying abroad on November 15, 2023
presentation slides and experience reports

What is the ERASMUS program?

Starting in 1987, ERASMUS is the mobility program of the European Union (EU). The aim of this program is to enhance both the collaboration between universities within the EU and other European countries (EU accession countries, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey), and the mobility of students and lecturers.

In 2021, “Erasmus Plus” entered a new program period (2021-2027) with focus on social inclusion, green and digital inclusion and promoting young people's participation in democratic life.

Advantages of the ERASMUS program

  • Tuition fee waiver at host university
  • Transfer of credit points for study accomplishments
  • Support and guidance at the host university
  • Financial support for studying abroad

General Information on Erasmus Grants

The ERASMUS+ program is a simple way for students to study abroad for up to one year. Potential tuition fees are waived and at some universities even accommodation is provided. Moreover, you are granted a scholarship (approx. 500€), which shall cover the additional cost during your stay.


Partner Universities Mathematics

All listed universities can be visited during your bachelor and master studies if not stated otherwise (for stays during your PhD please get in touch with us).


Linz (Austria)
Vienna, Universität Wien (Austria)
via 4EU+
Prague (Czech Republic)
via 4EU+
Copenhagen (Denmark)
bachelor only
Chambery (France)
Lyon (France)
Montpellier (France)
Orsay (France)
bachelor only
Paris, La Sorbonne (France)
via 4EU+
Reims (France)
Milano, Universita degli Studi di Milano (Italy)
via 4EU+
Modena (Italy)
Rome, La Sapienza (Italy)
Utrecht (Netherlands)
Aas (Norway)
Bergen (Norway)
Warsaw, Politechnica Warszawska (Poland)
Warsaw, University of Warsaw (Poland)
only via 4EU+
Madrid, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)
Master (one needs to have at least 240 ECTS points)
Ankara, Bilkent University (Türkiye)
bachelor only
Istanbul, Koc University (Türkiye)
bachelor only
Lund (Sweden)
Geneva (Switzerland)
Leeds (United Kingdom)
probably at the end of December we know whether this partnership will be continued

Partner Universities Computer Science

All listed universities can be visited during your bachelor and master studies if not stated otherwise (for stays during your PhD please get in touch with us).


Applicants are required to be students at Heidelberg University. Please send the following documents in English (Computer Science) or German (Mathematics) in the following order as one pdf file to the email address mentioned below (depending on your degree).

  • Data sheet (see below)
  • short letter of motivation
  • Transcript of Records and proofs of obtained university degrees
  • CV (including your nationality)
  • proof of your language knowledge.

Mathematics or Scientific Computing students should send their applications to the Erasmus Office Mathematics via email: erasmus-math@uni-heidelberg.de

(Data and) Computer Science students should upload their application on heiBOX. In case of problems contact: erasmus@informatik.uni-heidelberg.de Fileschema: familyname_duration (Wi: Winter/ So: Summer/ both: both semesters)

Deadline for winter term 2024//25 and summer term 2025: 15 February 2024

Please send us the following data on the data sheet (one page):

  • your name
  • Heidelberg University email address, phone number
  • partner university where you would like to go (and how long and when); in addition, provide potential alternatives

Mathematics Erasmus office (only after arrangment via email):
INF 205, room 4/224,
Phone 5414171,
Email: erasmus-math@uni-heidelberg.de

Computer Science Erasmus office (only after arrangment via email):
INF 205, room 1/328,
Phone 5414340,
Email: erasmus@informatik.uni-heidelberg.de

Further Information

After the application deadline we review all applications and nominate candidates for the slots we have available. All nominated candidates are informed about our decision. This step is completed until the end of February. In cases you want to proceed forward, we pass on our nomination to the host university who has the final say whether you are accepted as an Erasmus exchange student. The final decision may take until June.

Information for students with children or disabilities

To cover additional costs, students with children as well as students with a degree of disability of at least 50 have the possibility to apply for additional financial support within the framework of the ERASMUS program. For further information, please contact Ms. Braye in the International Relations Department well in advance of your stay abroad.

Instructions nominated outgoing students

Prior to Your Erasmus Stay

Further Registrations

After our nomination you receive further information through your Erasmus coordinator from the central Erasmus office (Department 7 “International Affairs”). The central Erasmus office is also responsible for all general questions including insurance and combinability of the Erasmus grant with other funding possibilities.

Successfully nominated students also compile a Learning Agreement via “Mobility Online” before their stay where they specify which courses they want to attend during their stay. The Learning Agreement needs to be signed by you, your Erasmus coordinator at Heidelberg University and your Erasmus coordinator at the receiving university. These steps are taken usually online on Mobility Online.

The semester in which you are abroad can also be considered as a vacation semester (leave of absence) upon request.

Proof of Language Proficiency

Some partner universities require a "Statement of Language Proficiency", not only for the national language, but also for English. The "zentrale Sprachlabor" (ZSL) can help you in this matter.

Learning Agreement and Preliminary Approval

Using the course catalogue of the host university, you can refine or expand the course selection outlined in your application and include it in the Learning Agreement on Mobility Online. In Table A, list the courses you would like to take at the host university. In Table B, list the corresponding Mathematics/Computer Science module at Heidelberg University if they exist. It might be helpful if you included module descriptions, links, and other useful information on the courses at the host university that demonstrate comparability.

During Your Erasmus Stay

Changes to Learning Agreement

If necessary, courses can be dropped or added via Mobility Online. Please justify the changes by pre-informing the Erasmus coordinator at Heidelberg University via email.

After Your Erasmus Stay

Definitive Approval

In order to recognise your achievements made during your Erasmus stay, you need a Transcript of Records from your host university (the content should align with your Learning Agreement). Computer Science students please submit the form “Application for the Recognition of Credits” to your Erasmus coordinator.

For students outside our department

You may not have reiceved an Erasmus scholarship via your department. We are happy to support students outside our department to use our slots which we did not use for our students. We assume that you have already applied in your field and that your Erasmus coordinator supports you in your plan to approach us (email is sufficient). We would like to emphasize that the host university decides if you are accepted into their program. Please make also sure that they allow you to pursue courses in your field and not only in mathematics or computer science.

Please submit your application until 28 February. Please get in touch with us earlier than this deadline.

Erasmus Office Mathematics


Erasmus Mathematics
Erasmus Office Mathematics
Mathematikon, room 4/224
Phone: +49 6221 54 14171
Office hours by appoinment via email
Prof. Dr. Peter Albers
Prof. Dr. Peter Albers
Erasmus Coordinator Mathematics
Mathematikon, room 3/405
Office hours: Tuedays, 9:45 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. or by arrangement with the Erasmus Office Mathematics

Erasmus Office Computer Science


Catherine Proux-Wieland
Erasmus Office Computer Science
Mathematikon, room 1/328
Phone: +49 6221 54 14340
Erasmus video consultation via


Wed, 3 p.m. - 4 p.m. UTC +1 (Summer)/ UTC +2 (Winter) upon previous request a day earlier by email
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Felix Joos
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Felix Joos
Erasmus Coordinator Computer Science
Mathematikon, room 2/209