Workshops, Internships, and Public Lectures Activities by Research Station Geometry + Dynamics

In order to give students an insight into mathematics beyond school and to spark their joy and interest in it, the Research Station Geometry + Dynamics offers workshops and internships and organizes public lectures.

Mathematics at university often differs from mathematics taught at school, not only in the content but also in approach. The Research Station Geometry + Dynamics therefore offers free workshops for high school students in different grades to show them, without the pressure of grades and curriculum, how exciting and beautiful mathematics is. Also for students specializing in math or math clubs that have already delved deeper into mathematics, the workshops provide insights into new topics and the way research is done at the university. Interested students can register individually for open workshops, while individual appointments are arranged for groups and courses. The research station also offers workshops as part of the Girls' Day.

Students who want to find out more about research and work at the university are invited to spend their BOGY internship at the research station and its geometry lab HEGL. Applications can be sent directly to the research station or to MINT!machen.

Further activities for students or a general audience, such as public lectures or collaborations, can be found on the webpage of the department or the research station.