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Comprehensive information about studying Computer Science in Heidelberg

Auf den Seiten der Informatik finden Sie stets die aktuellsten Informationen zu den Informatikstudiengängen an der Fakultät und benachbarten Einrichtungen. On the websites of Computer Science in Heidelberg you can always find up-to-date information about all degree programs in Computer Science offered by the Faculty and associated institutions.
Study Computer Science at Heidelberg University

Computers and software permeate many areas of our lives these days. The study program in Heidelberg offers a comprehensive education in Computer Science, with a focus on applications in the natural sciences and technology, as well as in the humanities. At the same time, our graduates have excellent career opportunities in the region.

The program aims at the acquisition of a solid basic knowledge of Computer Science and its theoretical and mathematical foundations, as well as the familiarization with typical Computer Science methods and their implementation in practice. This basic knowledge and these skills should enable graduates to react and adapt to the rapidly changing demands in the Computer Science profession. Interdisciplinarity and research orientation give the program a unique profile.

In the bachelor program, a broad basic knowledge is imparted, which in particular enables students to create complex applications. This includes the development process (e.g. project organization and software development tools) as well as the handling of data (e.g. efficient data structures and databases) and the development of automatic procedures (e.g. efficient algorithms and simulations). You will learn how to make optimal use of complex computer structures (e.g. parallel computers) or how to develop your own computer architectures in the context of Computer Science.

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Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)
Type of study
Beginning of study
Winter semester only
Standard period of study
6 semesters
German, some English
Application procedure
Entrance examination