Bachelor Mathematics 50%

The Bachelor program 50% (second major/minor) provides students with a broad basic training in Mathematics.

The 50% version of the Bachelor is designed as a 6 semester program. It  concludes with either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), depending on the choice of the second major.

How is a Study Program in Mathematics at Heidelberg University Structured?

Structure of a Mathematics Study Program at Heidelberg University

Facts and Figures


Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) or Bachelor of Arts (B. A.)
Type of study
Undergraduate, 2 majors
Beginning of study
Winter semester only
Standard period of study
6 semesters
Application procedure
No admission restrictions


Within the Bachelor program in Mathematics 50%, 84 CP are allocated to the core courses in mathematics (subject studies) and 12 CP to the Bachelor thesis. The other 84 CP of the bachelor's degree are allotted to the second main subject chosen.

Subject studies

Within the core courses in Mathematics, we distinguish between compulsory modules, required elective modules and elective modules. The compulsory modules must be completed in any case. 2 CP of the didactic component in the proseminar and seminar count towards the interdisciplinary competencies (ÜK). In the required elective category, at least 3 of the following modules have to be completed successfully:

  • Algebra 1
  • Theory of functions 1
  • Introduction to numerics
  • Introduction to probability and statistics

The detailed content of the following modules can be found in the course handbook.

Interdisciplinary competencies

Of the total of 10 CP required in the area of interdisciplinary studies, 2 CP are covered by the didactics component of the proseminar. The remaining 8 CP can be earned in any course offered as ÜK at the University.


The Bachelor program Mathematics 50% admits an additional teaching option as a first step in the training to become a high school teacher. This option is a prerequisite for the Master of Education in Mathematics. In concrete terms, this means that in addition to the subject specific components the Bachelor program includes educational science and practical training courses amounting to 20 CP. Of those, 10 CP are attributed to Mathematics and include 8 CP for interdisciplinary competencies (from courses offered by the Department of Educational Science), and 2 CP for the didactical components in the proseminar and seminar.

The provisions of the teaching option are regulated in the framework regulation for the teaching post at Heidelberg University.

Bachelor thesis

The purpose of the bachelor thesis is for students to show that they master mathematical methods required to work independently on a problem from Mathematics or an area of application within a specified period of three months. To register for the Bachelor thesis, you need to show evidence of completion of 58 CP in Mathematics and 30 CP in the second main subject. The bachelor thesis must begin no later than one week after successful completion of the last course-related examination.

Note: You are entitled to a Bachelor thesis in Mathematics only if your second main subject is any of: Computer science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics. Other subjects are admissible only upon special request.

Older admission regulations, degree regulations, and course handbooks can be found in the download center.

Application and Enrollment

The Bachelor of Mathematics 50% at Heidelberg University is not subject to admission restrictions and does not require an entrance examination. Accordingly, no application is required, only enrollment with the appropriate documents and required certificates. Please refer to the guide for the online application to find out which documents are requested.

Enrollment in the bachelor program Mathematics 50% is done online via the online application portal of Heidelberg University.

After you have received your letter of admission (which can be viewed in your applicant account), you can use it to enroll in the bachelor program Mathematics 100%. All information required for this can be found in the letter of admission. In addition, you can also consult the page “Enrollment Procedure and Documents” of Heidelberg University.

2nd Field of Study

With the Bachelor program Mathematics 50% you will acquire a polyvalent Bachelor degree. Depending on what you choose as your second field of study, this will be a Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) or also a Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.). You must enroll separately in the second chosen field of study. Please note the applicable deadlines and requirements.

Teaching Option

Topping your study program with the teaching option does not require a separate application. When applying for a polyvalent bachelor's degree, the teaching option is always included, as you have the possibility to decide either for or against it until the end of your study program.

EnRollment Deadlines

German citizens:

  • First-time enrollees: 01.08. - 30.09.
  • Transfer students: 01.09. - 15.10.

International citizens with a German university entrance qualification from Germany:

  • First-time enrollees: 01.08. - 30.09.
  • Transfer students: 01.09. - 15.10.

International citizens without a German university entrance qualification from Germany will be notified of the enrollment period in the letter of admission..