FAQs Advice for Prospective Students

How can I apply to study at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science? What are the entry requirements? When is the deadline for application and enrollment?

This differs from study program to study program. We have compiled all information on this topic here on the homepage of the faculty on the pages Application Bachelor Programs and Application Master Programs.

What prior knowledge is required? For example: are programming skills expected?

The Bachelor programs at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science do not assume much in terms of content, since the required concepts are reintroduced more thoroughly than at school. Thus, no special prior knowledge is required. However, a firm understanding of the school material and an already existing grasp of the subject matter is of course beneficial for acquiring the study contents in the first semesters. Programming knowledge is also not necessary, but desirable, especially for the study of computer science. Within the context of the preliminary course before the start of studies, the student council offers a programming course.

Can I register for any semester?

Enrollment in the undergraduate programs (Bachelor) of our faculty is only possible in the winter semester. The master's programs are offered each semester.

Before starting my studies, is it possible to get in touch with students who are already enrolled at the faculty?

Yes, this is possible and encouraged by the student council, especially during the annual introductory course that takes place before the start of lectures in the winter semester.

Is there an introductory event? If so, when does it take place?

In the two weeks before the start of lectures of each winter semester, the student council offers a preliminary mathematics course for first-year students in mathematics and computer science. Here you will get an insight into the curriculum of the first semester, get to know the premises and the procedures at the university and meet your fellow students. If you are interested, you can take part in a programming course beforehand, just be sure to register for it.