FAQs First Semester

Is there an introductory event? If so, when does it take place?

The student council offers a preliminary course in the last two weeks before the start of lectures of each winter semester. Here you will get answers to organisational questions as well as an insight into the contents of the first semester and get to know your future fellow students. The location and date of the first meeting of the preliminary course can be found on the website of the student council.

Where do I find instructions on how to organize the start of my studies?

If you are enrolled in a study programme with us, you have already managed the most difficult organizational part. We recommend that you attend the student council's preparatory course in the last two weeks before the start of lectures in the first semester. There, the most important topics related to the beginning of your studies are explained and you will get to know many students from both your and later semesters. If you would like a written source for such information, please refer to the brochure Ersti-Info, which the student council compiles every year. You can also find interesting information here on the page This is how you ace your studies.

Which modules do I have to take?

  • In the first semester of the Bachelor Mathematics 50%, the lectures Linear Algebra 1 and Analysis 1 are planned; in the Bachelor of Mathematics 100%, also the Introduction to Practical Computer Science and an event in the field of application have to be taken.
  • In the bachelor's programme in Computer Science 100%, you take the Introduction to Practical Computer Science, the Introduction to Technical Computer Science, and the IPK programming course in the first semester. In addition, you have to attend mathematics lectures, for which there are three variants: you may attend the lecture Mathematics for Computer Scientists 1 or one or both of the lectures Linear Algebra 1 and Analysis 1. In the Bachelor Computer Science 50% this is reduced to the Introduction to Practical Computer Science and Mathematics for Computer Scientists 1.

How do I register for courses? In particular: What do I do if I don't have a university account yet?

The homepages of the respective lecturers provide information on this. Registration for the exams is also announced on these pages - either by the lecturer himself or by their teaching assistant. Even if you do not have a university account yet, you can use most of the faculty's offers, such as the MaMpf e-learning platform or the exercise management at MÜSLI. If you cannot use a service due to your missing university account, please contact the assistant for the relevant course.

What equipment do I need to start my studies? A computer, special books, ...?

A computer in the narrower sense (i.e. not a smartphone or tablet, but a device with a keyboard) is not absolutely necessary, but highly recommended. You do not need any special books at first, as materials are provided in the respective lectures and you have access to extensive libraries. Of course, you are welcome to buy a selection of your favorite books later on so that you always have them at hand and annotate them to your heart's content.