Step-by-Step Guide

Doctoral candidates will carry out their thesis work under the supervision of an advisor who will support their graduation. The research is carried out at the Faculty or in cooperation with a neighboring institution.

The Faculty confers the degree of Dr.rer.nat. (Doctor of Natural Sciences) to candidates upon submission of a dissertation (doctoral thesis), an oral examination, and publication of the thesis work in the fields of Mathematics or Computer Science. Both allow an interdisciplinary option with a related field. The degree attests to the ability to carry out independent research in the chosen subject area.

Tips for doctoral candidates

  • PhD Registration and Submission of Thesis are possible only during office hours and are processed with a complete set of required documents only.
  • The Doctoral Students Convention (Doktorandenkonvent) is a forum and representative body of all doctoral students at Heidelberg University with the purpose of advising and informing faculties and the University administration in matters related to doctoral regulations
  • The Graduate Academy offers additional information and advice on both administrative and practical matters related to life as a Doctoral student in Heidelberg.

What are the steps to a doctoral degree at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science?

The Course of Doctoral Studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Heidelberg University

A doctorate in the fields of Mathematics or Computer Science is an ideal stepping stone on the path to your career. With broad professional and academic suitability, only a formal application stands between you and your PhD. Then, after enrollment and upon consultation with your supervisor, you can immerse yourself in your work. To this end, we offer you a wide range of funding opportunities. After completing the work phase, you will submit both, your dissertation and your application for admission to the examination procedure at the same time. The examination consists of an approximately one-hour defense of your thesis before the doctoral committee. You then have 2 years to publish your dissertation. Once published, you will be conferred the doctoral degree Dr. rer. nat. under the auspices of the Combined Faculties of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

Facts and Figures


Dr. rer. nat.
Type of doctorate
Individual dissertation
Flexible in arrangement with the supervisor
Working Phase
Minimum 6 months; 4 + 1 years
Working Languages
German; English
Admission Requirements
Sufficient knowledge in the topic of dissertation, Master's degree or equivalent
Oral disputation, written dissertation, publication