Master of Education Mathematics

Successful completion of the Master’s degree program results in conferment of a Master of Education (M. Ed.). Graduates are qualified to teach in German secondary schools (Gymnasium or secondary level).

The courses are run by Heidelberg University and the Heidelberg University of Education (Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg) in their joint role as the Heidelberg School of Education (HSE). Students preparing to teach in a German secondary school (Gymnasium) study two subjects. Heidelberg University and the relevant faculties are responsible for determining the content of the course and subject modules.


How is a Study Program in Mathematics at Heidelberg University Structured?

Structure of a Mathematics Study Program at Heidelberg University

Facts and Figures


Master of Education (M. Ed.)
Type of study
Beginning of study
Winter and summer semester
Standard period of study
4 semesters


The modules of the mathematics specific program include 18 CP subject specific scientific work and 13 CP subject specific didactics. The Master thesis is an optional module that is not included in the previously mentioned CPs. The combined module Geometrie und Unterricht consists of two parts, the lecture course Introduction to geometry and the subject specific didactics seminar. A further combined module is the Didactic reduction of a mathematical topic, which also consists of two parts, the lecture A mathematical topic and the seminar didactic reduction.

Further information regarding the program can be found in the general section of the course handbook. The modules of the mathematics program are described in the special section of the course handbook. These handbooks also include sample course selections when starting in either the Winter or the Summer semester. Because of the great diversity of possible combinations of subjects, we highly recommend that you take advantage of the student advisory services in order to develop a course selection plan tailored to your individual circumstances.

General information regarding the Master of Education can be found on the pages of the central university administration.

Older admission regulations, degree regulations, and course handbooks can be found in the download center.

Application and Enrollment

Admission to the program Master of Education is regulated in the the general section of the admission regulations. For the Mathematics and Computer Science components, the additional provisions of the subject specific section of the admission regulations apply. After admission to the program Master of Education, you may enroll via the online application platform of Heidelberg University.

Specific Admission Requirements

Further subject specific admission requirements are regulated in the subject specific section of the admission regulations. For Mathematics these include:

  • Successful completion of Bachelor degree with Mathematics or Computer Science major or a program with essentially the same content (as a rule, at least 2 CP in didactics and at least 74 CP subject specific courses)
  • the application process in mathematics may require an interview if the documents do not show conclusive evidence that all requirements have been met
  • conditional admission: under certain circumstances, missing requirements can be made up by taking courses from the Bachelor program Mathematics 50% or Computer Science 50%.

Required Documents

  • High-school leaving certificate qualifying for general or subject-related higher education, or an equivalent university entrance qualification in an officially certified copy
  • Bachelor degree certificate (or equivalent degree). May be replaced with a provisional certificate from the university for the first 5 semesters
  • Proof of course and examination achievements (Transcript of Records)
  • Written statement that you have not forfeited the right to examination and are not currently subject to an exam procedure in any of these subjects
  • Proof of completion of self-assessment test of the Heidelberg School of Education
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Marriage certificate
  • Evidence of sufficient German language proficiency (for applicants whose mother tongue is not German)
  • If applicable, further documents on relevant additional qualifications


Note that this is only a summarized overview of the required documents. For more information, please refer to the general section of the admission regulations for the Master of Education.

Application Deadlines

First study semester

  • Winter semester: May 15
  • Summer semester: November 15

Higher semesters

  • Winter semester: July 15
  • Sommer semester: January 15